Your Fashion Mentor, Edge of Ember; the finest jewellery with an Edge! 

Your fashion muse, the go-to style idea tome, where the classy, vintage and street style chic in you is bemused is at the Edge of Ember(shop here). The creative dome where your fashion style is revered and inspired with the finest collection of necklaces, bangles, rings, and earrings. These artisans of fine expertise awaken inner feminine spirit with their one-of-a-kind artistic acumen and unique fashion perceptions.

The skilfully crafted dazzling jewellery of the humble artisans of the developing corners of the world are a ubiquitous specialty. The ideologies that emerge in the heart of Europe then encourage the modest of the artists of the unfounded, hidden regions that are developing communities of the world. 

These traditional artists amalgamate the traditional techniques with the modern designs and handcraft this jewellery in palladium, recycled brass, 18K gold and rose gold metals. The humility and the compassion that is most admired albeit rare in the world is incorporated in the process adopted by Edge of Ember(Shop Edge of Ember Women's Fashion Jewellery ) which in fact gives the "Edge" to the jewellery that are produced here.

These encouraging and inspiring actions of the process of production of the jewellery that you would love to adorn yourself with, is what makes the production process, Sustainable of nature. Where mass production is discouraged and the humble employees are paid fairly is where your jewellery you will adore to wear are born with love!  

These artists compliment the abridgement of the gap between themselves in their traditional work with the modern design trends, using an assemblage of fine jewellery paved with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. These jewellery will be ideal for the classy you, to soothe your edgy persona or for the bohemian chic in you. Let the finesse of expert artistry of Edge of Ember, indulge your self-proclaimed fashionista in you.

Tease yourself and the romantic in you with the flattering flow of jewellery upon yourself. The Duo pearl Gold Cuff that is so graceful, the pearl earring collection that is so dazzling and oh-so-graceful collection of bangles are the fortes the deft artistes of the fashion.

The impressive collection of Collar necklaces of these artisans, features Trio Lapis and Marble Collar , the sleek collar necklaces studded with Lapis Lazuli and the pleasing Lapis Lazuli and the Fraise Pearl Gold Choker embedded with freshwater pearls to wrap around your neck highlighting simplicity. For the simplistic and charming lover of light fashion and great design to wrap around yourself, Edge of Ember suggests you the Trio Drape Collar Necklace in Jade & Marble. These alluring collection of various jewelleries have surely given Edge of Ember the spur to rise up horizon as your ideal fashion muse.

The trend-right fashion ideology that is so righteously and seamlessly produced by the modest artists of the developing world are offered by your mentor of fashion and artistry of design and style, the Edge of Ember, which is the enrichment your love for jewellery needs.

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